When your best friend asks what you're doing a certain week in January and asks if you want to go to Mexico, you say, yes! Every time. It didn't really matter where or what we were going to do. I would be leaving snow and 5 degrees for sand and 85 degrees. What do we always say? YES!

I didn't actually take that many pictures on this vacation, (very strange for me) but I thought I would share a few of them and a bit of what we did. We were staying at a resort in Puerto Vallarta and enjoying the all inclusive lifestyle. We did leave our beach chairs and margaritas behind for some snorkeling, horseback riding, canopy zip lining, hidden beaches, lots of boat rides, and whales and dolphins as we were boating to our destinations.

I am always hoping to book more destination weddings, and I hope looking through these images it might give you some inspiration to have me photograph your beach destination wedding! Just remember I'll always say YES :)