About Me


About Me


Hi, Lovely.

I'm sure by looking through all of the images on my website you can tell that I love to capture real moments. I absolutely take all of the important formal portraits, but my favorite images are always the candids! I think my relaxed and easy-going personality not only helps to keep things calm on a wedding day, but it allows you to really relax in front of the camera and let your personalities and love shine through!

I'll say it many times, but I truly believe that creating relationships and sharing in experiences are some of the most important things we can do! Life it too short to not make it as meaningful as possible, and that is why I strive to make photography more than just a transaction, but an experience! Forget the super stiff posed images, I want to document real love and emotion! Let's go on a hike to get epic backgrounds, get that fancy dress so you feel special for your portraits, and lets just go and have fun! 

Because I want us to feel like we're old friends, I want you to get to know me better even before we meet. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and I want to preserve all of those meaningful, important moments for you. To do that, you have to know and trust me that I will capture your wedding day with care and creativity. So, to break the ice a bit, here are a few little fun and random facts about me so you can start to get to know me better:

  • I am a very active person and like playing most sports, but running groups and bootcamp classes are what I try to do most often.

  • I grew up training and showing horses and I still have my last baby, (haha yes, I have a 12oolb baby) Max!

  • I have a genetic tremor that causes my hands to shake all the time! I promise, I'm not nervous.

  • Traveling (I want to see the world) and doing fun activities like hiking, kayaking, etc is probably my favorite thing to do!

  • I am a pie connoisseur! 

  • I am really afraid of heights (I don't even like going up ladders), but I'm also the person that has gone skydiving, paragliding, and rock climbing!

  • I know I use ! way too much, but I do it anyway! 




Wedding day coverage starts at $3000

Elopement pricing starts at $1500

Family, Newborn and Anniversary Portrait Session starts at $400

Senior Portrait Session starts at $800

*All weddings and portrait sessions include an online gallery, print resolution images, and print release!

**Available for destination weddings, elopements, and portraits world-wide. Just ask about pricing!




I don't live in Madison, or I'm not getting married in Wisconsin?
I Skype with my out-of-town couples all the time, and I'm really good at packing a suitcase. Let's chat more about the beautiful places we can go! Also, I always keep my passport handy.

What's something you would look for in a photographer?
Image quality, how well do they tell a story, can they capture every part of the day, would I want to hang out with them? Obviously style and image quality comes first, but I like to work with people that are just fun and cool to hang out with. It's really okay if we just become friends while working together!

How many images do I get from my wedding day?
Around 600-800(ish)! Each wedding is different, but I want to give you as many memories from your day as possible. I'm not choosing who or what is important, I just took 5 of the same image of you with your girls and there's 1 image everyone has their eyes open.

That's a lot of images, how long does it take to get our images?
I allow 4-6 weeks, but I try to get them done ASAP. I look at each image individually and not just big batches so I can give you lots of quality images.

Do you retouch my images?
Because I look at each image individually, I can also remove some little distractions and do some skin retouching on you and your future spouse if needed. I don't go crazy making you look fake and not like yourselves, but I want you to remember your wedding day as the perfect day that it was. When you order a large wall print or canvas I also go back just one more time just to make sure your investment in your wall art is perfect!

Do I own the images after they are delivered?
While I own the copyright to the images, you will receive a print release giving you permission to use and make prints from your images. They are in fact your images, I want you to be able to use and enjoy them!

Can my family and friends order images?
Even better, they can order digital files, prints, and canvases directly through your online gallery! No need to add one more thing to your to-do list.

I have no idea where to start with planning the timeline of my wedding day?
I am here for you! I have experience with so many different types of weddings and can tell you how much time should be allotted for each part of the day, different things to consider, and lots of different options on how prioritize different parts of your day and how to put it together so everything fits perfectly.

My church is really dark, or what if the lighting isn't that great at the venue?
I gained my technical training at photography school and I have so much hands-on experience at all different types of locations and venues. It's okay, I'll know how to handle it!

Do you have back-ups?
As a photographer you always have to have a plan B! Camera gear, image storage, locations, other photographers to call upon in case I'm struck by lightning (it hasn't happened yet, but it would have to be a ridiculously serious reason for me to not be at a wedding). I'm prepared!

We already have lots of pictures of us, do we need an engagement session?
Engagement sessions are a time for us to just get to know each other better, for you to get comfortable in front of the camera, and to get some beautiful and fun portraits at the same time! Can you really ever have enough pictures?!

What is the next step so we can work together?
Let's chat more! Tell me about your vision for your wedding day, and I'll tell you how I can capture that for you.


Kind Words

Kind Words


Robbie + Kayla

Where to start? Jen is simply, hands down, one of the nicest people I have ever met. Since day one when I began emailing her about wedding information, she was very reliable and her speedy responses kept me interested. She was willing to accommodate our wedding day into her schedule as how she does photography. We had several "meetings" and chat sessions to talk about how exactly the wedding day was going to go, which was a tremendous help! She is VERY organized and personable. Come the wedding day, she had made my day as perfect as it could go! It was wonderful. When we got our pictures back, I shared the photos with our family and friends. I have heard nothing but great feedback from everyone. One person even said that she "was everywhere" the day of the wedding, capturing a ton of little moments that I never knew happened until I reviewed the photos. I would HIGHLY recommend her, you will NOT be disappointed! 


Andrew + paige

Jen was extremely sweet and flexible. She did a great job with our engagement shoot, and was amazing on our wedding day. She even drove the groom and I to the reception when our car broke down! We loved working with her and our photos were amazing—so many people have commented on how great they are. I would recommend Jen to anyone getting married or looking for some great photos.


mark + kelsey

Jen was our wedding photographer and did and wonderful job. From posing people to finding beautiful locations to snap a few pictures, and making sure not to miss any important moments or shots, she does it all! Not only does she take beautiful pictures, but she is so friendly and easy to work with. I don't know what I would have done without her help in planning a timeline for the day and keeping everyone on track the day of the wedding. Very, very highly recommended!