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Dederich Family | A Playful Summer Family Session | Vesper, Wisconsin

Dederich Family | A Playful Summer Family Session | Vesper, Wisconsin

I know I haven't advertised it a lot, but I have decided to start doing more family and newborn portrait sessions! Over the years I've done a few here and there, but I have finally found what I want to do and that is lifestyle family portrait sessions and in-home newborn portrait sessions!

Last weekend I went up to hang out with my family for a birthday celebration for my niece and nephew, and as we usually do we take a quick 20 minutes to take some portraits which is usually just 20 minutes of my brother and sister-in-law playing and having fun with the kids! That is exactly what I think these portrait sessions should be about :) Real moments, real life, and really fun!

To celebrate offering more portrait sessions I am doing a mini portrait session day on August 12th at a park in Madison! I still have some spots left for these fun 20 minute sessions starting after 4:30pm just shoot me an email at for more info! And even though we just started summer now is the time to think about booking a fall family portrait session! Time flies once the leaves change and my calendar fills up fast! Also, if you know of anyone having a baby that wants those precious moments as a newborn captured, I come right to their house so you can be all comfy and cozy and stress free with your new little one.

A Cozy In Home Session | Madison, Wisconsin

A Cozy In Home Session | Madison, Wisconsin

Wedding trends come and go, but there is one trend in the photography industry that I hope will always be here and that is in home sessions! Who doesn't want to get all cuddled up and cozy in your home?! And if you're worried that your home isn't photogenic or perfectly styled, rent an Airbnb for the night! That way you get a little staycation as well :)

Tips For A Successful Engagement Session

Tips For A Successful Engagement Session

A lot of my clients ask me before their engagement sessions what advice I have for them, so I thought it was about time that I made a blog post about it! 

1. Relax! I know that it's stressful to be in front of a camera, shoot, I get nervous too! Everyone always thinks that they are super awkward in front of the camera and they don't know what to do, however, you have to realize the more relaxed you are the better. I don't think the perfect hand placement is the most important thing in an image, I think your expression and how you're interacting with your partner is most important.

2. Wardrobe is important! You want to look and feel your best for your portrait session and a big part of that is what you're wearing. If you want to feel special, confident, and sexy then you have to wear something other than your normal. Granted, you should wear something comfortable and that you can move in, but how often do you get your portraits taken? Why wouldn't you plan something special to wear for this special occasion?!

3. Coordinate your wardrobe, don't match it! Unfortunately jeans and white t-shirts was a thing in the 90's, but it's no longer the 90's! Couples shouldn't be too matchy-matchy, but your outfits should coordinate. Prints are totally fun, accessories make it unique, and complimentary colors just make it all come together.

4. Don't forget the grooming! I know you are super busy, honestly I understand the chore shaving your legs can be some days, but don't forget the little things! Iron out those wrinkles in clothes, guys don't forget to shave the back of your neck, and drink an extra couple glasses of water so your skin is glowing and fresh.

5. Make the right make-up choice! Have you done your make-up test for the wedding? Your engagement session can be a great time to do that. I know I am not great at my own make-up for fancy events, so it's totally worth it to spend a little money and have it done professionally! Guys, don't forget your foreheads get shiny and lips dry too!

6. Don't be shy! My favorite images to take are the ones when you'll be all cuddled up with each other. I tell my couples to get all cuddly and cozy, a lot! Say absurd things to make each other laugh, run hand-in-hand through a field, have an intimate moment (keep it PG, please ;) ) between the two of you, but just don't be afraid to show your fun, crazy, adventurous, romantic, and intimate sides.

7. Lets get adventurous! If you want something unique that usually means getting off the beaten path and needing a little more of an effort! You can totally wear some more comfy clothes as we hike in and change in to a cute and flowy dress at the final location! Haha, I totally realize that's not for everyone, we can also find a swanky airbnb space to rent for some unique locations.

While a lot of these tips may seem general, or obvious, it's good to just remember the basics. Just know though that the most important and best advice that I can give is to just have fun! Engagement sessions are a special time to spend quality time with your partner, enjoy it!


Travel Diaries | Lagos, Sintra, Lisbon | Portugal

Travel Diaries | Lagos, Sintra, Lisbon | Portugal

Last year I got to explore some pretty gorgeous places around the United States with my wonderful friend, April, and while sitting in a coffee shop this past winter we started to dream of more places to explore and visit! Since we did so much traveling within the country, we figured it was about time to grab our passports and explore somewhere new. After an overwhelming amount of ideas, we finally decided to spend our time exploring Portugal!!

With only a week, we had to try and narrow down our list of places we wanted to see so we decided to focus on southern and central Portugal. After flying in to Lisbon, we got our adorable and tiny rental car (Chip, because what else would you name a tiny mint green Fiat) and headed south to the coast! Our first couple days were spent leisurely wandering around Lagos and Luz! These charming coastal towns were so laid back and easy to explore.

Then after a quick trip out to Sagres to see the Fortaleza de Sagres and Cabo de Sao Vicente, we loaded up Chip and headed back up north to central Portugal and my favorite of our trip, Sintra!!

I thought driving around on the super narrow roads was fun in southern Portugal, but in Sintra and neighboring towns like Cascais took that to a whole new level! You'll see below how the houses open up right to the one lane cobblestone streets and having them built on giant hills just added a little extra challenge to driving and parking :)

After exploring the coast, palaces, and oodles of character and charm of Sintra we headed to our last city, Lisbon!! Being in the bigger city was a fun change of pace for our last couple of days and the hills of Lisbon gave us plenty of a workout as we walked around the different neighborhoods.

If you get the chance I would highly recommend taking a trip to Portugal!! As you can see, the bright colorful buildings with the never ending variety of tiles, patterns, colors, character, and charm are so fun to wander around. And having beautiful beaches and relaxing breezes through the palm trees doesn't hurt either ;) I really thought that Portugal was the perfect combination of a tropical vacation and old European charm and character. While there are SO many places I want to see yet, I hope to get back to Portugal again someday!

Explore North Workshop 2017 | Two Bear Lake, Wisconsin

Explore North Workshop 2017 | Two Bear Lake, Wisconsin

I wanted to take a minute this week and share a little bit of our Explore North Workshop that we did a couple weeks ago!! This was the second year April and I hosted a workshop for photographers and this year we had the wonderful Emily join us as well to teach!

First, I have to just give a huge THANK YOU to those ladies and to all of the attendees, models, and creatives that helped to make this workshop a reality. I can't fully express what an incredible experience it is to host a workshop to not only learn and grow your business, but to just get away to relax, be inspired, and meet new friends!! We all drove to the middle of nowhere in northern Wisconsin and had a super fun and cozy week in our modern cabin!!

This year we did a styled elopement and an in-home couples portrait session! I've included some highlights below, but the highlight of the week for me was just getting to see everyone get excited and be inspired by their new surroundings and opportunities to shoot. I truly am humbled by this whole experience and can't wait to see what the future holds for more teaching opportunities :)

Elopement Shoot: Hair & Makeup - Lady Vamp Artistry  |  Flowers - Blooms by Brandi  | Models - Hunter and Nicole  |  In-Home Session: Models -  Ben and Kelly